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Affordable relationship therapy in the USA

Online relationship therapy

Before the lockdowns, no Americans thought of online couples therapy. With everyone required to stay indoors, irritations quickly surfaced. Unfortunately, no relationship therapist was available. So searching for relationship therapy New York eventually led to the website of Your Love. This is also true for the people in Atlanta, with their relationship therapy Atlanta and for the one’s living in Miami who search for relationship therapy Miami.

Your Love is an organization that has rolled out online EFT relationship therapy from Turnhout. The therapy is based on 13 steps that you go through as a partner within a relationship over a period of at least 13 weeks. By looking at yourself, your partner and your relationship, patterns emerge which need to be worked on. The motto is: ‘Working on yourself is building your relationship’. This is done in a way that does not require a physical relationship therapist.

What it costs

The therapy is completely online and costs only € 175, – per year, while an average relationship therapist will cost you between € 2500 and € 3000. The nice thing is that you can follow the therapy anywhere in the world, because it is completely online. So you can work on yourself or build on your relationship according to your own daily rhythm.

Is couples therapy a panacea or band-aid? No, it helps you gain insight and it is the partners who decide together if they want to use the tools. Following therapy has five outcomes that ultimately lead to two choices. Do we stay together or do we separate in a loving way. The most important thing is whether there is any feeling left. You can work on everything, but it is not possible to get back feeling that is gone. Feelings cannot be made.

What you do learn in couples therapy is that the things you recognize in a new relationship can be avoided if you really dare to look critically at yourself. Because you look at yourself first, you realize that the issue that arises is a sum of various factors.

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