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Five Reasons You Should Go To Cyprus Right Now

If you are planning a tour to Europe and have visited popular countries like France, Spain, and Italy already, then what’s next? Why not go to Cyprus?

The reason is Cyprus is lesser-known in terms of tourism due to little hype but has strong cultural and heritage value, the landscapes are beautiful, and its archaeological ruins are unforgettable. Now you must be curious, what would we do in Cyprus and what options are we having. So, let’s explore it together.

5 Things to do in Cyprus

Visit Ancient Kourion

If you are a history lover, this ancient site is for you. Ancient Kourion is around the coastal cliff with breathtaking views of the countryside and Mediterranean area. I bet that you would get spell bounded by its beauty.

It’s huge, and the notable places here are its theater, the House of Eustolios, the large Byzantine basilica area, and much more.

Enjoy a day with your loved ones at Larnaca

Larnaca is a seaside resort saving the local feel of Cyprus. You will find all the facilities for sun-bathing and sand-based sports here.

Moreover, a Turkish Quarter named Skala and ornate Agios Lazaros (Church of St. Lazarus) situated here is enough to flow your historical love juices out.

Interestingly, there is a salt lake, towards Larnaca’s west, which is a place full of pink flamingos during the spring season and has many hill villages and cultural tourist attractions.

A thing to note here is that renting a car in Cyprus is the best way possible to enjoy the stunning views of this island. As public transport is a little short in Cyprus, so the quickest and easiest way to travel is by car.

On average, rental car costs around $21 per day in Cyprus with Autoprio. And the most affordable rental car companies here are NU Car, Alamo, Hertz and Green Motion.

To rent a car in Cyprus,

  • You should be 21 age or up and have a valid license with validity for three years.
  • There would be a surcharge for drivers under the age of 25 that varies depending on the individual’s vehicle.
  • 75 is the maximum age for renting a car in Cyprus.
  • Both EU and international driving licenses are accepted when driving in Cyprus.

Stay at Troodos Villages

It’s a hill region situated in the southwest of Cyprus. Troodos village is full of stone-cut traditional houses and cobblestone alleys. It has one of the most amazing churches and monasteries that make people spell-bounded.

Visit Cyprus Museum

As Cyprus is rich with archaeological sites, how can you forget the Cyprus Museum? It has beautiful artifacts from each specific period of the Ottoman era. Don’t forget to see the massive collection of terra-cotta votive statues that dates back from the 7th century BC.

Dive into deep waters of Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Cyprus with Cyprus’ most famous strip of sand with a swath of white sand everywhere. It a peaceful beach area, only gets crowded in summers.

Nissi beach is a great spot for families with young children, and it has great facilities to offer for all your beach activities.