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The best metallized paper supplier for your company

Venoflex is a metallized paper supplier with considerable expertise and years of experience. This company is active in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. They sell and supply metallized paper and films of high quality. You have the choice between metallized and holographic paper and several kinds of metallized film. At this company sustainability is very important. Therefore, they are always looking for more sustainable solutions. In addition, they ensure fast delivery and always provide you with the best quality. They always listen to your needs so that they can provide you with the best possible service. Thanks to their experience, they can respond well to your requirements.

Always the best quality products

With a metallized paper supplier like Venoflex, you can be sure that you are ordering high quality products. They only sell certified metallized paper and films and work with reputable companies with extensive experience in the packaging industry. These companies are ISO certified and are personally selected by Venoflex. Besides selling metallized paper and films of the best quality, providing the best personal service is also very important to this metallized paper supplier. They like to think along with you to find the best solution for your products. The combination of the best products and their personal service makes this metallized paper supplier an excellent partner for ordering metallized paper or films.

Choose a sustainable solution

Is sustainability also an important aspect for your company and are you curious about what you can achieve together with Venoflex? Their staff will be happy to discuss the various possibilities with you. They will think along with you when looking for sustainable materials for your products. Through the contact information on the website of this company you can easily get in touch with one of the employees of this metallized paper supplier.