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How to Sell Anything to Anybody – A Review of Legendary Bestseller Sales Ideas

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Joe Girard is an amazing person and an incredibly successful salesperson. In 15 years of work, he sold 13001 cars, including the 1973 record of 1425 cars. For his achievements, the author even got into the Guinness Book of Records with the title “World’s Best Seller”. In his book How to Sell Anything to Anyone, he talks about his principles, sales rules, and ways to attract and retain customers.

Idea # 1. “Put your customers on the Ferris wheel”

Girard compares his work with clients to a Ferris wheel. The people with whom the author starts working enter the Ferris wheel, and while it is spinning, he is working with them. When the circle comes to an end, the deal is made, the clients get up. If they enjoyed the ride, they will return to the ride many more times. Because even cars aren’t bought forever. After 3-5-7 years, people are ready to change their car. And then they will queue up for the Ferris wheel again.

But you have to be ready a little earlier than the customers are ready so that they do not get into another queue. Keep a record of all customers when the purchase was made, so that after the right time you can call and inquire about their affairs and desire to update or change the product. You yourself can call them to a new queue for your attraction.

If a person does not need a car yet, Girard asks when it is possible to call back, asks for advice from someone who is in search of a car or who may need it. Polite conversation helps keep the database updated and invite new members to the Ferris wheel.

The author writes that his card index has several thousand clients to whom he has sold cars. Many have repeatedly made purchases or advised friends, relatives, acquaintances.

You can find visitors to your attraction everywhere: among relatives, friends, acquaintances.

You can talk about what you do during a haircut or manicure, and again, ask other clients to tell about you.

Do not hesitate to talk about what you are doing to everyone around: waiters, other sellers (though then you yourself have to tell about them). Over time, a long queue will line up to your Ferris wheel: some will only enter, others will leave, but then return again.

Idea # 2. Build a team of bloodhounds to increase customer flow

The author considers investing money in a team of bloodhounds to be the best investment of his capital. What is this team?

Snoopers are people who bring customers to you. For every person the bloodhounds sent and made a purchase, Girard gave $ 25. Create a database of bloodhounds and you yourself do not have to do half of the work of finding buyers.

The amount of reward Girard advises to set such that it would be interesting for a person to participate in the search, but also so that it would not ruin you. Someone might argue that by paying money, you are losing your profit. On the other hand, any profit is better than no profit. After all, if it weren’t for the bloodhound, you wouldn’t have gotten that buyer at all. Thanks to the bloodhounds, you can significantly increase sales, the goods will not be stuck in the warehouse.

How do you know if a customer came from a specific person? This is where business cards come into play again. Give them out anytime, anywhere, and give them to the bloodhounds in batches. Let the snooper write his name on your business card and give it to the buyer. This way you will know who to pay. Or the bloodhound herself can call and say that a person will come from him.

The author advises to pay always, not to evade, not to come up with reasons for refusal. For example, the bloodhound forgot to call or write his name on the business card, and the buyer did not say who he came from. And then the bloodhound reports that a buyer has come from him to you. Girard advises paying in such cases so that your bloodhounds do not abandon you. Yes, there may be scammers who want to get easy money in this way, but there will be fewer of them than real bloodhounds. You should not risk your reputation for 1-2 people. Ultimately, the benefits will exceed the costs.

How to recruit bloodhounds? They can be anyone: your family, friends, people who have already bought your product, people from whom you buy your product, bank employees issuing loans, and so on. Tell us about your reward system, give a pack of business cards, offer to bring a client to get a reward. At Girard, some people only made money by looking for potential buyers for him.

Once a year, when sending letters to your customers, send a set of sniffer: attach a reminder what it means, how much you pay, attach a pack of business cards.

If people do not want to take money for any reason, you can always repay in a different way: invite to dinner, send a gift, provide a reciprocal service.

Do not stop “recruiting” bloodhounds, constantly increase the team. People themselves will bring ready-made buyers to you, you don’t have to persuade and waste time on explanations.

Sometimes, in order to get a very good bloodhound, you need to sell it at cost. You will not make a profit, but a satisfied buyer who has a lot of weight in society will tell his surroundings what a good and considerate seller you are, will bring people through whom you will make much more profit than you would get from a one-time sale. Well-known public figures can be such weighty buyers.

Many want to be like them and will willingly buy what they are. Having lost profit on a one-time transaction, you will gain much more in the future.

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