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Marketing Incrementality: What Does It Mean?

In the marketing world, incrementality is critical for businesses. It’s the increase in desired outcomes (awareness, visits to your site, conversions, revenue, profitability) that marketing activity provides. If you want to know what’s really helping your business and what’s not, then you need to do some incrementality testing and measurement. The goal of marketing is to achieve certain outcomes like awareness, web visits, conversions, revenue, and profitability. It’s important to do incrementality testing to make sure your marketing efforts are working toward achieving these goals. Incrementality testing can measure the true incremental contribution of your paid media at many levels.


To measure the effectiveness of an advertising method, it’s important to measure incremental results. It’s done by randomly segmenting audiences into two groups: test and control. The difference in the conversion rates between the two groups tells us how effective that advertising is.


Other methods of measurement, such as media mix modeling and multi-touch attribution, can’t take into account views or clicks. Incrementality measurement accounts for impressions and clicks across platforms under test and gives marketers a more accurate view. Other, less-accurate methods of testing media are simply counting clicks. Multi-touch attribution methods even account for impressions, but this only gives you a small, one-dimensional view of your marketing data. Incrementality measurement is much more accurate. It accounts for the impressions and clicks in each platform under test, giving marketers a more complete and accurate view of their data across their entire portfolio.If you want to utilize this to the highest, Odyssey have a perfect solution. Together with Salesforce, marketing attribution for the AppExchange has launched and provides the best multi-touch attribution insights for your Datorama dashboard.


In conclusion, marketers must take on a new attitude in order to succeed in this digital age. You can use incrementality in marketing to see which audiences should be served, which ads and on what platforms. Measured provides the best attribution and measurement for your cross-channel marketing and allows you to select an easy-to-use system that’s already plugged into 100+ different media platforms.