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Order swivel flanges for offshore piping

Do you need products for a correct and easy final tie-in process of subsea pipelines? Then swivel flanges are the products you are looking for. Swivel flanges are specific type of flanges that are frequently used in offshore piping thanks to their construction. The construction consists of a heavy forged welding hub in combination with a rotating forged ring. This construction allows 360 degree rotation, which speeds up the alignment of the bolt holes when attaching it to a standard flange. Thanks to this, the dive time is reduced and the final tie-in process of subsea pipelines goes much smoother and faster.

Where to buy the product you need?

If you want to buy swivel flanges for use in offshore piping, then is your partner. This supplier offers an extremely wide assortment of all different kinds of piping products. Whether you need fittings, flanges or pipes: this supplier has it all. The swivel flanges are available at this supplier in different pressure ratings and dimensions. Moreover, a bespoke solution for your swivel flanges is one of the possibilities this supplier offers. Thanks to all of these possibilities, you are very likely to find the right swivel flanges for your specific application in an offshore piping system.

Benefit from a competitive offer

Head over to and search for the swivel flanges and other products you need by using the convenient navigation tool. Once you have found the product(s) you were looking for, add it to your quote request and submit your quote request once all the products you require are added. You will then soon hear from the specialists with a competitive offer. Do you need a bespoke solution? Then use the contact details on the website and get in touch with the specialists. They are happy to assist you.

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