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A guide to increasing the milk production in all your dairy cows

Every farmer would like to know ways for increasing the milk production in their dairy cows. Luckily for them, Kimtec International provides a solution that improves the health of your animal and as a result leads to higher milk yields. These developers are leadings experts in their area and have access to over 25 years of research, technology, and skills to explore the best opportunities for your cattle. One of the main reasons of early death in dairy cows is milk fever. This ketogenic state of the body stems from a calcium deficiency that cannot be dealt with by your animal. Providing them with the right nutrients through feed additives may be the solution you have been looking for!

Explore the extensive product range

Thanks to their leading role in this area, Kimtec International has developed different kinds of feed additives to provide for the needs of your cattle. Whether your aim is increasing the milk production in your dairy cows or simply preventing milk fever, Kimtec International has a supplement for every situation. Does it not completely adhere to your needs, or do you have your own thoughts about improving the health of your animals? Then do not hesitate to contact their experts and discuss your ideas! This may lead to the development of a bespoke product that completely fits your herd. One of their most used products is called KatAn®, which works with anionic salts to improve the calcium rate in dairy cows and thus increasing their milk production.

Discover the possibilities in a conversation with a lead researcher

If you want to know more about the possibilities, do not wait any longer and schedule your appointment with one of the lead researchers over at Kimtec International. They are more than happy to give you more information about the available ways for increasing the milk production in dairy cows.